Philanthropy and social conscience were textured into Aditya Group’s value systems well before it became a renowned name in the country. (Late) Mr. Parmanand Khemka, our founding father, divulged in an array of philanthropic works; he was of the opinion that the wealth generated should always be used for the good of the society at large. His charities led him to set to up the Marwari Charitable Trust, which runs a hospital, two schools and a heritage library. 

Carrying forward his philosophy, his son Mr. Hari Khemka, Chairman and MD of Aditya Group, and an extraordinary leader, lead a number of initiatives in this direction subsequently.  The thrust of Aditya Group’s CSR activities has always been in Education and Healthcare. 

1.       Literacy India

Aditya Group stepped forward to assist the renowned non-profit organization with extending their Vidyapeeth Building to add more classrooms and a Vocational Lab room, which the school needed immediately. Vidyapeeth is one of the prime projects of Literacy India that provides non-formal preparatory education to young underprivileged children to build and sustain their interest in education. 

2.       Nepal Relief Fund 

The colossal misfortune that had struck Nepal saw the urgent need for the country to step forward and help. As always CP PLUS rose to the cause by contributing generously to help the earthquake stricken victims. 

3.       Eye Restoration Drive

Through this specially organized initiative, CP PLUS funded the diagnosis, treatment and cure of eye diseases of the economically weaker sections of society.  The funds contributed were used to help treat over 100 needy patients. 

4.       Drishti 

CP PLUS in collaboration with the Eye Bank Association of India launched a unique social initiative on Pan India basis. People were encouraged to donate their eyes to help someone in need see the light of the day after them. The campaign garnered huge response pooling in over 800 registrations of eye donors till date.

5.       Tuberculosis Hospital, Vrindavan 

In collaboration with a registered trust CP PLUS helped set up a Tuberculosis Hospital in Vrindavan for the underprivileged by installing a water purification plant for clean, drinking water, and contributing beds, wheelchairs, stretchers, etc. 

6.       Naturopathy 

CP PLUS, in collaboration with a registered trust in Delhi, has been conducting numerous camps to promote Yoga for healthcare. Through these camps, CP PLUS has made efforts to highlight the benefits of Yoga in prevention and cure of various health diseases.

7.     Pathology Lab, Bhangel Village

Seth Parma Nand Khemka Charitable Trust, run by Aditya Infotech Ltd., set up a Pathology Lab at the Community Health Center of Bhangel in G.B Nagar, Uttar Pradesh. As a part of the initiative, the trust donated a blood testing machine, and the related necessities to run the lab. Since there is no lab within kilometers of the village, this initiative will benefit not just the residents of the village but also those living in the neighboring areas.

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