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CP PLUS Introduces Health Monitoring System (HMS) - Your CCTV Health Card

Date: 13/05/2019

CP PLUS recently launched the Health Monitoring System (HMS) to strengthen product efficiency, performance and improve customer’s experience.

HMS is a SaaS-based service available for the customers, service integrator, and the SI agent to operate via web portal. It provides comprehensive health information of each listed device and camera while facilitating device efficiency and dependability. HMS will provide visibility to Customers, SIs, and SI Agents regarding any breakdown in the system and will enable customers to check issue through an interactive and user-friendly dashboard. With 24/7 accessibility, the HMS will be capable of sending notifications and alert to the users, SI, SI Agent about - Device Malfunctioning, External Alarm Events, Network/Power Failure and Storage/Recording issues.

Speaking on the launch, Mr. Aditya Khemka, Director - CP PLUS elaborated, “We are going a level higher in providing our customers with inimitable experiences while augmenting product efficacy with the launch of Health Monitoring System. This will act as a comprehensive health monitoring platform for every CCTV surveillance device and will help in tracking, detection and resolution of any sort camera or device irregularities or malfunctioning. The service will be accessible for customers through an online portal and dedicated SIs will respond when any device issues arises. With the HMS, customers are getting an opportunity to draw maximum value from CP PLUS products and solutions.

Furthermore, with an objective to add value to CP PLUS products and solutions, the HMS will be the prime source for checking health status, device information and customer interaction pertaining to all the devices and cameras.

The HMS will offer a wide range of benefits to customers using CP PLUS products and solutions.

  1. Push Technology: Edge devices push all critical events to HMS cloud server for instant notification.
  2. Critical Alarm Notifications: Device Offline/Online, IPC offline/online, Video loss, Camera masking, Recording status, External Alarm, HDD alerts.
  3. Email/SMS Notifications: As soon as device generates an alarm & send to server, an Email/SMS notification will be sent to user immediately.
  4. Automatic Ticket Generation: For any incident/irregularity, a ticket will be generated and automatically forwarded to SI or CP PLUS customer support while the customer will be notified.
  5. Auto Reporting System: An automatic report of device status will be generated and can be viewed by customer.
  6. Web Based Monitoring: View the status of all the CCTV systems over the browser or the smartphone.
  7. Easy to Use Interface: Simple ‘traffic light’ style warning system displays the status of all your customers, sites, and devices on a single screen.

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