Mr. Aditya Khemka
Each passing year, we see India grow into a more powerful, independent and confident economic power. As you are reading this, Indian businesses are investing more, achieving more. This has resulted in tremendous growth prospects and newer avenues with their own challenges, across the spectrum in the country.

Only with the assurance of safety and security can they really flourish and prosper, further. This is where we at AdityaInfotech Limited come in.

We understand that the security needs of every single business vertical are different, with challenges that are unique to the particular business unit or region. These challenges need to be met with solutions that have been tailored to suit the needs, environment and surely, the budgets.

Our aim is to help ensure that every aspect of India, be its borders, its coast, its historical heritage, its infrastructure, its entrepreneurship & trade, its homes and most importantly its people should be secure and safe. Therefore our mission for security is:

Think Security, Think Aditya.

Aditya Khemka
CEO & Director
Aditya Group

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